Newswire-based Press Release Distribution


Even before the advent of online press information distribution services, there were already news wire agencies that fed global news to media organizations around the world like Reuters which distributed news and press releases to newspapers, the large and small radio companies and the television networks in almost all the continents.

Today, there are many private news agencies and public relations companies that have followed the path of Reuters and other original news agencies like Associated Press (AP). These new PR companies have also added innovative services in the form of online marketing and SEO due to the developments in technology.

Newswire services have now transformed into news and press release distribution. There are two types of "PR" service categories. First is the making of a press release (PR 1) as a result of a broader public relations (PR 2) services that include multimedia services, web-based distribution, and social media services.

press release distribution
press release distribution

Modgirl Consulting mentions about eight top newswire-based press release distribution and PR services organizations that include: ReleaseWire, PR Newswire, PR Web, BusinessWire, Marketwire, Globe Newswire, eReleases, and Cision.

Each of these top newswire service providers offers basic to premium services that range from as low as $49 per press release to as high as $369 per PR.

Under each category of services, the press release would get syndication in 360 plus websites and distribute to Associated Press editors and journalists, aside from being submitted to major search engines on the desired schedule of the PR issuing person or company.

The PR material can also be distributed according to industry, location, and topic to specific targeted audiences. Subscription can also be done every month for a press release submitted monthly. A news release can also be hosted permanently on sites like PRWeb and at the same time appear on search engines and news sites.

For a higher price, the news release can be sent to thousands of news outlets and shared through social media sharing technologies to attain viral status. If the release document is closely associated to a business enterprise or business organization, the PR could be optimized for search visibility on the most highly rated news release service, and even sent to premium sites like International Business Times and StreetInsider.

Much higher caliber services include sending the news to the world's leading news outlets like the Associated Press, the New York Times and USA Today. Cision has determined that about 61% of online readers view press releases in the first four days of the week, from Monday to Thursday, while 53% of press releases are published by outlets from Tuesday to Thursday.

press release distribution and PR services
press release distribution and PR services

The likelihood that readers would view published press releases is high from Monday to Saturday, except on a Sunday, so that the schedule of releases that an issuing PR agency, business or person makes must be timed according to the days when readers' views are highest.

For high-profile projects written news releases can be accompanied by multimedia data (i.e., audio and video) and submitted to television networks like BBC and CNN. Such visibility would carry a much higher price, although the amount may not matter if, in the long run, business sales would zoom up.

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